The Complete Nuclear Survival Manual

The aim of this Nuclear Survival Manual is to provide you the reader with advice and information to help you and your family survive what would be the worst catastrophe in history… a Nuclear War. 

Whether it is a limited strike or an all-out strategic exchange, or a terrorist “Dirty Bomb” attack on our country or even a Chernobyl style nuclear accident on our soil or that of an up wind neighbouring country, there will be survivors, more through good luck than good planning I would suggest.

"Surviving in a nuclear environment means just another set of rules and skills we must learn"

While I was writing this manual a friend came round to visit me and said ‘How could anyone survive? 

If the bomb dropped, we’d all be dead’. Nonsense, how would we all be dead, Where did the bomb drop? Was it ground or air burst? 

What size was it? Which way was the wind blowing and at what speed etc., etc., etc.

I gave him the only example I could think of. I said that if a grenade exploded in this room now, we’d be killed, but the people living 200 yards up the road would not, as the effects of the explosion are confined to a relatively small area.

The same rule although on a much larger scale applies to nuclear explosions and if you know the facts you can calculate the effects.

A nuclear explosion is similar to any other initial chemical explosion in that it produces heat, light and blast but unlike the people 200 yards up the road, if you survive the heat, light and blast (the initial effects) you will have to survive the nuclear radiation and I will show you how in this manual.

Whether you discount a nuclear war or not, you would be very foolish in my opinion to discount a nuclear attack by terrorists or a rogue nuclear state or God forbid that it should ever happen, a British Chernobyl.

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