NBC Questions, Answers and Information

NBC Questions, Answers and Information

1) I would like to know how long is the duration of a NBC Filter (Standard 40mm NATO Thread) before the filter begins to lose effectiveness after being exposed to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical contaminants?

Answer ...Change every 48 hours minimum....24 is best

2) I would like to know if the Concentration of all Industrial and Warfare compounds is low then would this increase the duration of the NBC Filter?

Answer ...Yes but industrial compounds like CHLORINE GAS and AMMONIA or even Carbon
Monoxide are not filtered by ANY NBC type gas mask available today. You would have to have a bottled air source pack to work in these environments such as what the firemen used or even a scuba type setup. Biological and Chemical agents are spread by mist dispersion, Tiny droplets...Not a gas at all! That's why the "GAS MASK" works

3) I would like to know how could I find out the right time to change and replace the used NBC Filter with a new NBC Filter.

Answer... Right before you expect to see problems like a chemical attack....When the SHTF you will have a little time....hear of stuff happening....of course if they drop a bomb on you then you don’t have a problem!

After the SHTF... a Chemical attack is usually short lived and over a small area before weather and winds disseminate the chemical agent. It would be fairly easy to go a mile INTO the prevailing winds to escape the area safely if you needed to change filters

4) I would like to know the proper decontamination procedure if the gas mask and NBC suit was exposed to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical contaminants.

Answer ...The gas mask can be washed in warm soapy water after removing the filter and valves and air dried....The suit has to be replaced as laundering may remove the agents but will also remove the charcoal liner material that protects you as well.
During the cold war I did a few studies and after a lot of figuring I came up with the idea to wear a rain suit over our NBC suits ...Rain suits were disposable and cheap if you got an agent on them.....then we could just air out the NBC suits. This is not a good alternative if the weather is very warm and you won’t be moving out of the contaminated area for hours! You will get heatstroke!

Note...Most Biological contaminants only last a few hours exposed to air at the most. Anthrax is one of the "WILD" biological agents and you could just leave the area...it will die out over a few days. BTW ANTHRAX is found in many forms in the wild on a lot of tree's and can cause minor rashes to people that work in the lumber industry regularly (Lumberjacks / Tree workers)

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